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Moving day and night!

Moving day and night,
or at sight!

12-es Teher Bt Moving Day - Night, or at sight! Mobil: 06-20-45-46-002

Tips and tricks

  • Checking the price with the work instructor, before the start of the moving.
  • It1s useful, to number the boxes/sacks, or label them with its contents.
  • Checking the condition of the furnitures (broken, scratched, etc.) before and after.
  • Making sure that every box is closed.
  • When ordering the moving, the more accurate You tell us what we should move, the better estimate You will get.
  • The appropriate packing is very necessary, empty the drawers and closets, the moving will go faster this way.
  • Packing into boxes of appropriate size and strenght.
  • The washing machine, dishwasher and stove should be disconnected from the gasline/waterline.
  • Disassembly of chandeliers, lamps and coat-hangers.
  • Arranging a parking space as close as possible.
  • If You want us to do the preparations, please inform us at the order!
  • If You notice any problems during or after the moving, please contact the work instructor or our office: +36-1-285-69-48, +36-20-45-46-002.